11 October contact to school in Montenegro

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11 October contact to school in Montenegro

Мнение от LZ1FW » 10 окт 2017, 11:12

Форум с интересна информация за активности на международната космическа станция:

Информация от там за предстоящ директен контакт на основно училище от Подгорица, Черна гора, с МКС тази сряда, 11.10.2017 от 14:48 часа българско време.
IW2BSF Rudy написа: 11 October an ARISS contact planned for Montenegro !
An International Space Station ARISS contact has been planned for astronaut Joe Acaba KE5DAR with Elementary School “21st of May”, Podgorica, Montenegro.
The event is scheduled Wednesday October 11, 2017 at approximately 11.48 UTC, which is 13.48 local european time.
This direct radio contact will be operated by 4OØISS.
Downlink signals will be audible in parts of Europe on 145.800 MHz
73 de IW2BSF Rudy
От училището ще предава радиостанция на радиоклуб 4O6BLM в Подгорица, като да събието ще използва специален инициал 4OØISS. Децата ще бъдат в салона на училището, а антените за връзка ще бъдат установени в училищния двор. С учениците ще говори американският астронавт Joseph (Joe) Acaba – KE5DAR - https://www.nasa.gov/astronauts/biograp ... ph-m-acaba Предаването ще се чува добре от територията на България почти от самото начало на радиовръзката на честотна модулация (FM) на честота 145800 kHz.

Допълнителна информация има на страницата на радиоклуба в Подгорица във Фейсбук

Мнения: 867
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Re: 11 October contact to school in Montenegro

Мнение от LZ1FW » 11 окт 2017, 15:47

така се чуваша при мен:

1. Atena (12): What happens if a space rock hits that little space ship in a certain place, and breaks something inside there, what do the astronauts do?
2. Vukan (12): Do you have some funny moments in non-gravity space?
3. Berna (12): Do you listen to music in the space?
4. Andrija (12): What did you feel like the first time you went to space?
5. Jelena (12): How do you take a shower?
6. Nemanja (13): What are you going to do when you see an asteroid that is going straight to hit the Earth?
7. Ajsa (12): Can you really see the Great Wall of China or any other man-made buildings from the space?
8. Bogdan (12): Are you afraid that something could go wrong with the spaceship or your space suits at any moment?
9. Milica (12): Is it hard to stay up there without your loved ones, family and friends?
10. Pavle (12): What happens when you go out of the space station and gravity of the planet pulls you away?
11. Iva (13): Do you lose weight while orbiting Earth in your spaceship on your missions?
12. Dorde (12): Do you get along with your partners at the station and on the ship?
13. Jelena (12): Do you know what happens in the black hole?
14. Amer (12): Is it possible to cry in space?
15. Mia (13): Have you ever seen anything weird in space?
16. Risto (13): Is your suit very heavy to wear?
17. Sofija (12): Time is different in space, so do the astronauts age differently?
18. Nemanja (13): How do you sleep in space?
19. Stasa (13): Would you ever live in space?
20. Miona (13): Were you afraid during launch?